Friday, 18 July 2014

Home Again...

If you wondered how you'd live without my deep, insightful musings on the meaning of Life, worry no more.  After a random person became a little too chummy on my blog, I pulled the STOP lever.  Well, that and about a hundred drastic life changes that required my attention.  Let's not dwell on all of them, but choose one, shall we?  A change in relationships.  My marriage ended, and something else began.

From a distance for the last 10 years, I've always thought he was a wonderful human being.  Up close and personal, when first impressions can fall under the weight of reality, he proved to be exactly that, and more.

When you spend average days with someone, and things happen to test a person's mettle, you really see the kind of person they are.  For example:  my two Dane puppies - yes, I now have two, and dear Frank has shuffled off this mortal coil.  But save that sad story for another day, and focus on the puppies, both well over 100 pounds and wrestling on the lawn.  They somehow managed to entangle themselves in the blink of eye, twisting Bernadette's leather collar so tightly around Sullivan's lower jaw that he was in a frenzy of panic, choking off all of Bernie's air supply (and not the Lost In Love pop band kind, either. The essential, Breath of Life kind).  She's literally being choked to death in front of me, he's screaming in agony and trying to drag her across the lawn, I'm terrified and no matter how hard I pull, cannot get the collar unfastened because it is so tight.  I shout for help, and my guy arrives, and tries to free them, to no avail.  Bernie is making a deep guttural noise in the back of her throat, and losing consciousness.  Sully's lips are going white from the pressure on his jaw and he's crying, an inch away from bolting in pain and fear.

He quickly runs to get something to cut the collar, and as he starts to cut, plunging in between two heaving, heavy, terrified animals, with no room to squeeze the sharp knife between her throat, his fingers and the leather, I call out in a tearful demanding voice, "HURRY!!!!"

This is where anyone would be totally justified in snapping at me:  "I AM hurrying!"  Stress, pressure, fear are all acceptable reasons for snapping at someone you're actually fond of.  He just tries harder.  He bears down, focuses, and gets the collar cut - and only the collar, freeing them both.  And even then, when the crisis is over and both dogs are panting, heads down, momentarily subdued, he doesn't take the opportunity to say, "Jeez, that wasn't very helpful."  This is the kindest, sweetest person I have ever had the pleasure of knowing.  Who is also great in bed.  Won the lottery?  I think so.

I'd like to add, in full disclosure, I did not fare nearly as well in the stress test.  Besides barking out "HURRY!!!!", I cried a bit (something I usually save for later, when I'm alone and the crisis is over), and while straining to hold the two beasts together to prevent a broken jaw or a choking death, I farted.  Out loud.  The illusion is over, people.  And he still loves me.  Life is GOOD.

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